Sanctuary: A Vehement Discourse

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Begin Again
There is such a sense of freshness as I sit down to write this blog. I am confident that the people who read it will not abuse their commenting abilities. Maybe you have come here for the first time or really don't know who I am. You can read my past at I have a 101 things to know about me which I will post on my side bar. It isn't really that important to read, but feel free (if you are extremely bored). I find that blogging is a type of sanctuary, a break from reality so to speak. I am using themes from Virginia Woolf to create my atmosphere. I adore Virginia Woolf, we share a stream of consciousness.
I decided that my exercise program with Stephanie needed alittle readjustment. Seeing as today was our first day at it, we decided to take it easy and catch a movie: Christmas With the Kranks. Pretty funny, pretty funny. We have no motivation, so we saw a movie. I just don't want to exercise yet. I am not in need of it, but I know I will be soon enough. Shut up don't laugh. Anyways, it's cold. My fingers are blue. I think I will just end for the evening. Oh, one final do you all like this template? Is it me? Let me know, because I am more than happy changing it.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Then and Now
This is my first blog post here, not in general, but here. I will be residing here sans people who find it fun to harrass. Anyways, enjoy and I look forward to the same old faces :)