Sanctuary: A Vehement Discourse

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Learn to Tap Like Billy

Wow, a blog in two consecutive days, how rare is that?
I think I might just write this in point form. My affinity for lists and the making of said really wants to manifest.
~thanks for the continued prayers for my friend. Keep them going.
~I hear footsteps upstairs, it is probably my cat, but sometimes it still creeps me out.
~my hormone (ies) are still in full force because I am craving ice cream again, and I keep lashing out irrationally. Deep breath.
~my whole weekend plans are messed. I was scheduled to do something Saturday morning. Some women's confrence business and all of the sudden I have to do it Saturday night. Do they not know I have a life, and planned to take niece Jaden and nephew Seth to the African Lion Safari??? I also have a Stag and Doe that night. Bloody.
~JD is leaving for the summer. Have I mentioned that before? I know that it is a few months away, but time flies, and I am getting nervous. I think that is why I keep lashing out (lashing for me is crying, not throwing things or kicking Llamas). I hate letting people go, I hate it.
~The birds, once again, have nested in our garage, and to our much disliking, they have given bith to four beautiful blue eggs. What does this mean for us? Walking to our cars will consist of marathon sprinting, whilst ducking and hopefully not getting attacked by the protective parents. Oh the joy.
~The sky is blue and cloudless today. That means nothing. In a matter of a few seconds it could be pouring rain, or heaven forbid, even snowing. I have no idea what to wear today.
.:I need to end this. I just felt like posting some of my musings and ponderings from this morning:.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Well, life thus far has been a busy roller coaster from one day to the next. Just when you think you can sit back and catch your breath, another complication, bump in the road, decision, etc., comes along and you have to deal. It's not the actual bump in the road that gets me, its the dealing with said bump. I am not very good at that. Life goes on.

It has been cold. We get a few sunny breaks and then the cold. I worked on my pre summer tan, which was amazing, and then BOOM the clouds, the rain, even the snow. Welcome to Canada, eh?! (pronounced with an Eastern accent).

I feel almost guilty for blogging. I know I haven't for a while, and it has been an enjoyable break, but I have a zillion things to do before a certain time today, and none of the things has even been touched yet. All preparation for the weekend. So much to do, so little time.

I am officially getting fat. I blame hormones and ice cream. In my state, I have become addicted to ice cream. This is serious. Everything I eat even tastes like ice cream. How sick is that? I need to go to detox rehab or something.

Blah. I will end. I shouldn't have even posted. Whatever.
On a sidenote: Carrie, my cell phone has been retardedly retarded. I finally got your messages. If you have been calling my home phone, I am never there so any message you left will have been deleted. Let me know which weekend you are in town. I still love you :)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Oh Baby!!

Hi Guys, I won't be posting for a bit as things are getting busy around here. So much has been going on and a lot of new things have come up, which we are dealing with. It's all good, no worries. My postings will be up again, but for now I am taking a break. It will probabaly just be a short break.
Enjoy this nice weather :)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Special Collectors Edition

As it turns out, I am unable to eat Antijitos. What are these you may ask? The devil in cognito. The devil rolled up into a little tortilla served with sour cream. The devil, armed with spices. The devil, and a bit of cream cheese and peppers. The peppers alone should have been my first warning. I don't like peppers, not to mention the jalepeno kind. My sister convinced me to add some dang Lousiana hot sauce to the little wrapped Antijito, at which I though ooo, a challenge, I like those so I poured some on. I don't usually do well with spicy things, apparently I left my common sense at home. I ate one, feeling fine for about 3.5 seconds and all of the sudden I felt bound up inside. I thought that maybe I just needed to go home and change pants. I was wearing some tight jeans. So we drove home, I got into my washroom, and without warning, violently barfed all over. What a dumb mistake.
Anyways, that is my gross story for the week.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Deleted Scenes and Alternate Opening

just another list:
~the Papal funeral made me cry. He was such a good man.
~my brother's friend committed suicide.
~apparently in England they make Maltesers Hot Chocolate. Why did I not know this sooner? I will have to pick some up when I go!!
~I love it when my cat runs to me. It gives me the warm fuzzies.
~I need the warm fuzzies right now.
~I want to go to bed.
~I miss JD, this weekend is going to be hard. I hate it when you go.
~I want a puppy. A Chinese Shar-Pei, or a pug, either one and I will be happy.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Strong Tower

just a list:

~thank you all for your continuing prayers in regards to my friend.
~had a mini breakdown, which felt really good. Said some things I shouldn't have said, but it still felt good.
~gonna throw some highlights in my hair later this week.
~need to buy the new Kutless album, man o man, it rocks.
~going to Germany soon, how exciting is that?!
~going to England for my birthday.
~maybe I will go to Croatia, too.
~got some nice Diesel perfume.
~thinking of taking up drum lessons, and maybe singing lessons again.
~keep getting nose bleed headaches. Seriously, my nose starts gushing and my head is pounding. I'm thinking about taking a trip to the ER tonight. Kind of makes me nervous. I keep refusing to go to the doctors for my head thing because I am afraid of needles.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Guys, I don't care who you are or how you know me, or why you even look at my blog. Right now I am asking, begging, pleading for prayer. Not for myself. For a friend. I cannot divulge any information, nor do I want to, just keep her in prayer. This is serious. I don't care if you've never prayed before, I need you to now, for her. I cannot be more serious. This is life or death. Please pray.