Sanctuary: A Vehement Discourse

Sunday, September 25, 2005


University: Western, or U of T
Song: Deliver Me, by David Crowder
Album: Beautiful Letdown, Switchfoot
Movie: {the} Hours
TV Show: One Tree Hill
Actor: Vin Diesel, but not for his acting. JD is convinced he's gay.
College: Seneca
Cook Book: no favourite.
Shampoo: Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil, Paul Mitchell. And anything Matrix.
Store: AE, and RW&Co., and the Gap, and Campus Crew, and....(but I hate shopping)
Starbucks Drink: Vanilla Bean Latte
High School: Assumption
Bookstore: Chapters/Indigo
Clothing store: AE
Smell: Romance, by Ralph Lauren
Sport: golf, and volleyball
Food: greek Salad
Form of art: Impressionist, and oils. I love Monet.
Decade: I am a big fan of the 00's. Since I've lived in the 80's, 90's and now...I'd say the best is now. Better clothes, better hairstyles, better music.
Time to go to sleep: never
City: TO
Magazine: Cosmo, and anything to do with interior design.
Boy besides JD: none. Seriously...none
Band: Switchfoot
Doughnut: Boston Cream (but I never eat doughnuts anymore).
Record Store: Sunrise
Beatles Album: Greatest hits
Method of Birth Control: none.
Kind of Computer: um, yeah I don't know. One with a see through tower, and blue lights, kind of funky.
Little brother: Mine, cause he's cool
Room: Sydney OPera House washroom
Writing utensil: No.2 penicl
Bag: Louis Vuitton

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